Reflections & Testimonials

“The CLC is so accepting of kids being kids! My daughter is finally enjoying “school” because there is no pressure, you get TIME to finish, to craft your own projects and stories, and to learn in a way just for you. It’s also affordable! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“At the CLC I learned how to make a movie on a green screen and it’s easier than I thought. They also taught us about being a road block to others by telling them a cool story while the teacher is talking. It causes a red light in their head. I learned how to bake bread and I learned about being a leader, a leader-follower and a follower and that taught me I’m a leader-follower and everyone is those is very important.

We learned a lot about how to help the community. We also learned about farms and how to feed chickens and what you need to feed them. We did some math while dividing our flower pots and we learned how to plant seeds the right way.

Zoe showed me a typing game that helped me type faster.

We learned about everybody at the CLC, like what they like.

We learned about how to build a greenhouse and we learned a dice game that you could learn a lot of patterns.

We learned the difference between a scientist and a philosopher. A scientist can only know something if they see it. A philosopher is someone who can make a hypothesis. We learned about how the brain works and about the tubes inside of it.

We learned how to turn nature into math and how math can be useful.”

13 year old student in the PBL Program

“So far this year, one of the things I’ve learned is to do your homework and that it is important to learn the responsibility to do your homework.

Another thing that I’ve learned is how to be better socially with other kids. I’ve had trouble with that in the past, so it is a pretty big and important thing for me. It might not be so special for other kids, but it is for me. The reason for that is because at my old school I was always an outsider, but at the CLC, I feel like the other kids are more open and accepting and like I’m really apart of the group, and that I’m not really the outsider anymore.

Another thing that I’ve learned is that not all math is stupid and boring, that it can be fun and exciting in a certain way. We look at it in a way that involved nature and fun… For example a tree is a great example of geometry, as is a puddle.

I also learned that fennel and sorrel and miner’s lettuce are quite delicious. I never realized how much I really like them. Seriously, in my opinion, they are way better than Kraft’s pasta or actually kraft anything.”

14 year old student in the PBL Program

“I have learned how to come up with an idea and then make it happen. I think it is a really good skill to have in life because one day we will have to organize something and to now how to do it will be amazing. I find I can learn a lot better the way I am learning right now at the CLC not just sitting around in a class room and working with a textbook, I think text books are great but to learn every thing out of them is just to much it will never stick in my head.
I also learned how to bake bread 🙂 And how to plant seeds and how to follow their growth progress with a graph and I learned how to do a science project properly with the Purpose and hypothesis and that kinda stuff.
We have also worked on a lot of team work stuff and leader and follower and how there has to be a  follower for leader to become a leader. I also learned about my brain and how when someone interrupts you that it is a blockage to your brain, so-called highways… For example if I were to say I don’t know before every sentence …. my brain would make a connection a highway that would make it so I said I don’t before every sentence.
I learned how to use a microscope and how to use a green screen and act kinda and how to get  interviewed by shaw and what not to do what to when you are on TV.
I also learned a lot about farming and what Brussel sprouts look like on a plant and that curry is also a herb to be honest I had never really thought about where curry came from, I just ate it and that was that.”
13 year old student in the PBL Program

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